My Dryer is Working Again

Hi FlyLady,

I bought the dryer cleaning kit over a year ago. I brought it down to the basement, put it in my laundry area & there it sat. Recently I noticed my clothes were still damp when I removed them from the dryer. I remembered a testimonial from a FlyBaby who had the same problem. And solved it by using the dryer cleaning kit. I couldn’t do it myself as I had broken my wrist but my DS could. After a thorough cleaning inside & outside, my dryer was working again!

Thanks for a great product. I will have to use it more often.

FlyBaby Toni from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


FlyLady here: Lack of air circulation causes our clothes to stay wet. If you have our  Dryer Lint Kit then get it out and clean your dryer. Putting it on your calendar to do it on a regular basis will keep your family safe and laundry purring along one load a day. Every six months is a good length of time. If you clean out a lot of lint then change it to every three months.

Your dryer will work better because it is clear of lint and it will save you money on utility bills.

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