Soap is Soap is Soap

Dear FlyLady,

I am embarrassed to say this about my son but had to share my “soap is soap is soap” story.  My son just moved to a new apartment.  You know how college guys are–cleaning is not their top priority.  My DH and I had the job of cleaning up the old apartment in hopes of getting his deposit back.

When we arrived, everything was out of the apartment (including cleaning supplies).  I was armed with my purple rags and some window cleaner.  I walked into his bathroom which I really believe he used to house mud wrestlers in his bathtub because the soap scum was an inch thick.  I looked around, saw a bottle of shampoo he had left and my purple rag and I went to work.

After squirting shampoo all over the tub and lightly rubbing in, I let it set for a minute then started to scrub away.  I was shocked how easily the scum started to melt away and the original bathtub shine started to emerge.

When my DH came in twenty minutes later, he was in total shock.  When my son came back, he looked in the bathroom and let out a big “Wow!”

Once again, soap is soap is soap, especially when you use a purple rag.

P.S.  One purple rag, did all the cleaning.  I just kept rinsing it out and on to another area to clean.  Amazing how the dirt does not stick.  The normal rag my husband used was disgusting after tackling one room!

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