The Way to a Man’s Heart

Dear FlyLady,

My poor dear husband hates to discuss the upcoming week with me, because it reminds him of all the things he has to do (sounds familiarly overwhelmed). Not much fun, planning ahead with a grumpy hubby.

But: my husband loves food. About two months ago I finally started to jot down my week menu on the FlyLady calender (five years after starting to FLY, babysteps! And yes, I love your calender). So I asked DH: what would you like to eat next week?

This was no hard question for him and he even liked the fact that I seemed to care about his gourmand feelings LOL. And: discussing the menu lead to discussing the whole week programme, this time without grumpiness. You are definitely right: making it fun, does get it done. I only needed to find the right ‘fun factor’ with DH LOL.

Cooking was never a problem for me, but now I don’t have to remember anything (which I can’t anyway, being a major SHE) and shopping with a list (big time and money saver) has become a breeze. And my husband really appreciates the effort. I’m very glad this habit finally took hold of me!

Big hug from a fan in the Netherlands

calendar open
FlyLady here: You can get lots of things done when you make it fun. I love that you are having a family meeting and using meal planning to do it!

Our habit this month is menu planning. The FlyLady calendar is big enough that you can write down what you are going to have each day. Every morning you can check the calendar and take what you need out of the freezer and move to the refrigerator!

Have you ordered your new FlyLady Calendar?

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