What’s for Dinner?

Dear FlyLady,

I notice you always have “what’s for dinner” in the daily to do list, but is there anywhere on the site you offer ways to do that?   Planning dinner is one of my downfalls!  I move along through the day and before you know it, it’s time to make supper and frustration sets in.  How can I get that frustration out of my life????

I want you to know that I am flying with you as far as morning routines and decluttering;  now just to conquer dinner!

FlyBaby N.

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FlyLady here: Knowing what’s for dinner is half the battle for cooking. Leanne Ely can help you. Check out her Saving Dinner.com website. Also having a calendar that has big enough squares to write your menus helps a lot. Wednesday is anti-procrastion day; our day to clean out our refrigerators, take inventory of what you have and need to use, then plan your menus and grocery list around that. Here is a testimonial to help you.

Hi FlyLady!

Many thanks for all you do!

I was reading the reminders about dinner, and it is SO true that menu planning puts a whole lot of power in your hands.

You KNOW what you are having for dinner from one day to the next, and
can plan what you need to shop for the things that accompany that meal.

But just to make things a lot more fun (and economical), what I have done for the last year, is make a list of all the things you have in your freezer (both the big deep freeze, as well as the one in your refrigerator), and then I put them on the computer, and make up meals around what I already have.  I then create meals around existing food in the freezer, and make a list of what I need to make those dishes, and shop for the week for the veggies, or other ingredients I need.

Sometimes that works really well for DH and DS, as I usually plan a dessert around the frozen fruit in the freezer, and that usually means dessert EVERY night.  They like to complain I don’t make dessert often enough!

Anyways, it puts the panic of what’s for dinner out of the way, as you know exactly what you are making from one week to the next, and CAN actually have time to make dessert.  And thinking ahead gives you the opportunity to plan something nice, not a throw-together because you can’t figure out what to make!

Give it a try, it really makes life easier!  Again, many thanks for all you do!

FlyBaby on Salt Spring Island, BC

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