Cheaper than a Plumber

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

I recently purchased the Clog Cannon and promptly put it in a cabinet and forgot about it.

I was hesitant to purchase it in the first place for several reasons – I thought it costs more than I wanted to spend, would it really work on clogs in my house, etc., etc!

I very much enjoyed the video about it but honestly wasn’t sure it would work on the bad clogs.

Anyway we had a toilet that wouldn’t flush properly-my DS has a habit of using way too much TP!

We plunged, we plunged, we plunged and I even, after 2 days, used 6 foot auger, which scratched the toilet. Still not working correctly. I was thinking that the next step was calling the plumber and how much that would cost when I remembered the Clog Cannon!

I was thinking probably won’t work but at least it is worth a try. Well let me tell you, it may look like one of my DS’s toys but it works like one of the best tools I could own.

I was shouting with excitement after I used it! Even called my sister since they have little ones who also have a habit of plugging potties with too much TP!

So an apology-why did I even doubt that it would be good. After all, everything I purchase from the Fly Shop has help been wonderful so for any skeptics out there, this toy-looking devise is worth every penny!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


FlyLady here: The Clog Cannon is one of those tools you hope you don’t have to use. But when you need it, you need it!!

Check out our new video Jack and Justin made demonstrating how incredible and easy the Clog Cannon is to use!

FlyLady How To Video Series; Clog Cannon Instructions
FlyLady How To Video Series; Clog Cannon Instructions


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