Thanks for FlyLady this Thanksgiving

Dear FlyLady,

It is 1 hour til our Thanksgiving dinner. (We are having it a day early as DH works tomorrow.) I’m sitting down to feed my baby. DH is in the kitchen mashing potatoes. Everything else is ready but the gravy and the rolls are ready to go in the oven.

8 years ago I was remarkably like Frannie on your old website. 8 years ago I found you. I am an on-and-off FlyBaby, but always making progress. This year… we are hosting, and I’ve been giggling to myself all day about how stress-free it’s been! Thanks to routines & missions, I didn’t have too much cleaning to do. I did a more thorough cleaning of the house on Monday. Basically a ‘crisis clean’ (we do  have 5 children, so there are ALWAYS things to clean) but just spiffing up each area of the house. Yesterday (Tuesday) I made pies, chopped up all my stuffing ingredients, noted which dishes I was using for what, and made my baking/ prep schedule on my little white board. Today I’ve been following my timetable and FLYing through the morning!

One hour and a half before serving time… nothing to do. Too early to start the potatoes. So, dear FlyLady, guess what? I WENT FOR A WALK. You can hardly know what that means. I WENT FOR A WALK!! FOR 15 MINUTES!! ONE HOUR BEFORE I EXPECT MY GUESTS, AND 90 MINUTES BEFORE THE TURKEY WILL BE ON THE TABLE… I TOOK A RELAXING STROLL, BY MYSELF!!! And I may have looked a little loony to the neighbors that drove by, because smiles kept breaking across my face. I was taking ‘me time.’ Not rushing around cramming piles of junk into closets. Not screaming at my hunny to run to the store for 1 (or 2, or 3) forgotten item(s.) Not scouring my tub, not washing windows. My house is straight. It is not perfect; it never will be. As I said, we have 5 children. There are a few prints on a few windows, there is a crochet jumble of yarn on my little side table, there are some toys scattered in the living room. But it’s fine. My dinner is ready and smells wonderful. I’m done feeding the baby now; I’m going to bake the rolls and set the table.

You are definitely counted as one of my many blessings. My heart is full… now my eyes are too. I love you Marla, for helping me to open my home… decreasing the stress in my life has increased my ability to see my blessings and be thankful for them. Happy, happy Thanksgiving, FlyLady!!!

FlyBaby Erica

FlyLady here: Erica! I am so proud of you! Always remember you did it, not me. Thank you for this wonderful blessing. It feels so good to not be rushed! I loved a relaxed day with family.

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