Super Hero Cape

Dear FlyLady,

I bought your wonderful Rubba Sweepa to help pull stubborn dog hair out of my rugs, which it does marvelously. But now that it’s been in my house for a month, I’m thinking of making mine a superhero cape!

Recently a BO friend of mine mentioned how she really needed to clean behind her refrigerator more often than she does. This sparked some interest in my brain since I’ve had my refrigerator for three years and never once pulled it out to sweep. So, last night I decided to be brave and pulled the refrigerator out from the wall, revealing dirt so thick and mysterious I could not put a name to it. But instead of shuddering and rolling the refrigerator back, or whining for 30 minutes, I heard a television announcers voice say, “This looks like a job for RUBBA SWEEPA!” Five minutes later all the debris was gone, the floor was scrubbed, and the dirty water was squee-gee’d away, allowing me to roll the fridge back, rinse my superhero tool, and smile quietly to myself.

Thank you FlyLady for making such a useful and versatile tool! It’s given me the courage to tackle all kinds of messes without a whimper!

Fluttering Along in Virginia


FlyLady here; I use mine on my non-skid tile in my bathroom. It has a rough texture and is difficult to clean; my Rubba Sweepa does the job with just soap and water. I do one tile at a time; each time I have to go in there. Let’s just say, I am drinking my water. LOL My bathroom is small. By the end of the day every tile is clean and I am happy.

We also have a package with all our Rubba Tools.

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