Finally Sinking In

Rubba Scrubba

Dear FlyLady & Crew,

I just had an AHA Moment. I was reading your recent Morning Musing about a bathroom makeover. The makeover was mostly about decluttering and cleaning. At the end you said, “You are going to love your brand new Bathroom. Now keep it clean and shining by Swishing and Swiping every day.”

At that moment a picture of my bathroom all clean and shiny appeared in my head. (That’s not what it looks like right now.) All of a sudden the realization hit me that my bathroom could look like the picture in my head all the time. I need never see dirt in there again, if I do a daily swish & swipe and declutter,weekly home blessing, and detail zone cleaning once a month. Again, the image hit me like a ton of bricks. My bathroom could look like that all the time!

And not just my bathroom, but my whole house! Wow, what a revelation! I’m used to doing a little decluttering and/or cleaning here and there, now and then, ..but everything would just get cluttered and dirty all over again. I wished my house was clean, but it seemed a Futile effort because it just kept descending back into chaos. BUT I wasn’t doing anything consistently. And even though I’ve been fluttering here and there for several years, I only just now caught the Vision. Now I see it! Just do what FlyLady says, Consistently, & my home need never be in chaos again! It can be a place I am proud of all the time!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for repeating yourself over and over until it finally sunk into my hard head. (Duh!) Now I understand what all the other Flybabies are talking about when the say their homes are now only 15 minutes from company ready. I’m going to be saying that pretty soon, too!

About to Fly in Arkansas

FlyLady here: We will keep repeating things till they sink in! It is the consistency of our routines that keep our homes company ready! I am so proud of you!

Keeping your bathroom clean is easy when you keep your tools right where you use them. This is why we recommend keeping a purple rag and a Rubba Swisha in your bathroom.

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