Everyday Can Be Special

Declutter Kit USE

Dear FlyLady,

I had something of an epiphany just after Christmas.

It came to me as I looked at the gift basket my sister had made for me with beautiful homemade soaps and bath items. I thought about how I should save such nice items until a “Special Moment”.

Then I realized, why can’t a Tuesday afternoon be a special moment? My cupboards and drawers are packed full of items being saved for a “Special Moment” until the time comes that I have to throw them away because they have expired or gone bad.

Every moment deserves to be special and the reason someone has given you a gift is so that it can be used, not hidden away and hoarded!

FLYing in Aurora! Misty


FlyLady here:  If you have something that you won’t use or you don’t like, then put it in the give away bag.  Let someone else enjoy it today! If it is some old shampoo or body wash then you can use that to clean your toilet. This is what is use for my Swish and Swipe.  I keep my Rubba Swisha in an old vase that is has old shampoo in it and water. Nothing says I love you like a clean toilet when the stomach bug invades.

Set your  declutter kit up and get started.

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