The Day That Changed My Life

Dear FlyLady,

I could go on and on about how you have changed my life. Less stress, more free time and of course what you have done for my house!!! It all started last winter when we had 24 inches of snow fall overnight. We were staying overnight with family and had to dig out to drive home and then dig out our own home. It was getting late and there was only about an hour of daylight left when our Pastor drove up with his shovel to help!!! Now I should have been happy that he was helping my son and husband finish up but instead all I was thinking was ‘Please don’t ask to come in the house!’ From that day on I knew I had to do something. Shortly after I heard about you on a Dave Ramsey Forum. That day changed my life!!!

But what I am really writing about is your purple rags. They are the greatest invention. I want anyone who uses a Magic Eraser to know about them. They do the same job if not better and do not fall apart. I am able to clean my kitchen , bathrooms, walls, cabinets, windows, glass doors and anything else you can think of with JUST WATER!!!

I just got finished going through my downstairs…the kitchen cabinets, fridge, stove, walls, table then onto to the bathroom (everything but the toilet) then outside to the glass table and then finished it up with our sliding glass doors. Each time I feel it needs to be cleaned I just squirt a little dish detergent on it and rinse it out. I didn’t use a timer (still haven’t mastered that habit although I know it works) but it didn’t take me long at all. It even got me out of my PMS funk I had been in all day. I could write a testimonial for your Floor Duster Mop Head too ( that could be tied for the greatest invention) along with the rubba swisha and scrubba but for now I will just rave about the purple rags!!

Jennifer on Long Island


FlyLady here: Everyone of us have that point in time where we were so afraid to open our doors. It is our lowest point and this is when we are determined to get organized. With our babysteps we can get our home in order.

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