I’m Actually on the Runway

Dear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering and then nosediving for several years. I’ve always wanted a clean and organized home and property but my perfectionism kept me distracted.  Your book sat on my nightstand but didn’t get opened.

I started really reading the e-mails about a week and a half ago. Then, on New Year’s Eve I stayed up and shined my sink. I also did a simple bedtime routine. When I walked in my kitchen on New Year’s morning I saw that sink and it put a smile on my face!  As I’ve kept up with the e-mails my resolve to keep my sink shiny has been strengthened.  Last night I was really tired and almost let just a few things sit in the sink overnight. And then I thought, “No!”

I got up this morning and smiled.  Thank you!

FlyBaby Cindy

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