Breezing Through the Bedroom

Dear FlyLady,

I write this testimonial because it is Master Bedroom Zone week and because perhaps others can apply the principle.

One problem with my master bedroom was that my dresser was so big, it made the bed room an obstacle course, attracted hot spots on top, fall behinds in the back, and dust sheep underneath.

So in keeping with the FlyLady theory I began to de-clutter. I started with my closet because I felt it was prime real estate if used properly. After a few 15 minute sessions I had enough space for a short child’s chest of drawers (legs removed). I chose a short one because I wanted small drawers & to set it on my hard suitcase (laid the case flat & filled seasonal clothes).

So into the drawers went my “unmentionables” (everything else was donated or hung). The dresser was then donated. This set up does several things for me.

1. Deconstruction of the obstacle course, freeing up space.

2. Purging of lots of clutter & blessing others (including job security for our trash collectors)

3. Liberated space in the closet that collected stuff.

4. Relocation of the seasonal clothes gave more hanging space.

5. No more sheep, fall behinds, or hot spots (because the new dresser comes all the way to the built in shelf.

6. A productive use for the suitcase.

7. Forced seasonal cleaning due to needing the clothes.

8. Limiting my seasonal clothes.

9. Best all when de-cluttering, purging drawers or vacuuming under the dresser comes up as a task for the zone, it is one big job I no longer have to do.

Thanks for the inspiration. Hope something like this can help others.

CT–Flying in California

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