Clutter and our Children’s Behavior

Dear FlyLady,

I’m writing to confirm to my FlySisters how clutter affects our mental states. My 5 y/o son was very aggressive, cranky, sassy, and demanding. I tried many discipline methods and they all failed. One day he came home from school to an empty room. I packed all his toys and threw away all those junky pieces to McDonald’s toys. I left him 3 matchbox cars, his Magna Doodle, legos, and crayons. These toys I thought would help
him be creative and quieter. I explained to him the basic principles of tough love, that I only *had* to give him food and a bed. He would have to earn his toys back one at a time.

Well, within 3 days I noticed a drastic difference in him. He was calmer, polite, and overall pleasant. One evening I announced that he had managed his behavior perfectly that day and he could choose any toy he wanted out of the stash, he had earned it. He didn’t want a toy, he asked for a bike ride instead. Next day, again great behavior, I offered him a toy from the stash. Again he refused, he asked me to go outside and throw the football with him.

My son is a FlyChild!!! He *loves* to be in his room now! He sits quietly on the floor and plays with his 3 matchbox cars or draws with his MagnaDoodle. I do believe all the ‘stuff’ in his room was unsettling and overwhelming to him. Poor child couldn’t find anything!! I gave him order in his room and he gave me back my sweet son *G*

I can’t thank you enough!! I never thought of his ‘stuff’ as hindering, but alas they are!!

A Happy FlyBaby

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