Day Started with Spilt Milk

Dear FlyLady,

Just writing to say that I’ve had a fantastic day thanks to you – which started with a spilt milk bottle so could have gone either way!

I woke up this morning quite early and put on my running clothes ready to go for a run before work. I read through the ‘sneak peak for the week’ email on my mobile phone by the bed before getting up – so I knew we were in the kitchen and that later in the week there was a ‘mopping’ task.

On the way downstairs I went in the bathroom and put on a wash (our washing machine is in the bathroom) and picked up the bins from my daughter’s room and my room (just as instructed in the ‘bless your home hour’.) I put the rubbish in the kitchen bin, sorted out all the recycling (in Lancaster we have to separate cardboard, glass, cans etc) and took it outside.

When I came in I brought in the milk (we still have an old-fashioned milkman – though actually it’s a milklady – who leaves milk on the doorstep) and I put the bottle on the worktop ready for my cup of tea after I’d had my run. I went outside again with one more lot of recycling – and on the way in, caught the milk bottle with my elbow and it smashed all over the floor.

OK, I thought to myself, ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’. And I ACTUALLY found myself thinking, also, ”How can I be happy about this and make it work for me”? I started cleaning it up…and then realized that I could turn it into a Kitchen Mopping Mission!

So – I took the rug up, moved all the chairs, swept up all the dust in the whole kitchen, then mopped it. But I’m so glad that I did this this morning – the kitchen floor looks great. And I was in my running clothes so was happy to kneel on the floor, pull the fridge and freezer out, crawl behind the rocking chair, etc.

I then finished the recycling, took some newspapers down to my cellar to put on the floor to replace the last lot of newspaper which I’ve had on the floor as it gets a bit damp when it’s raining – brought the damp paper up – dumped it in the outside bin – and started to make my breakfast.

Half an hour had gone by since I came downstairs, so I didn’t have time for a run. But I felt really, really fit and like I’d had a mini-workout from doing all the cleaning and moving and running up and down stairs. And – while the breakfast was cooking, I ran down the road to the shop to buy some more milk to replace the bottle I’d broken. So I even got a little run after all.

I felt so healthy and ’empowered’ from having this brilliant morning – I felt really positive, and really in touch with FlyLady and everything that I’ve been learning from the morning emails – and so I decided to write this to you!

all the best to all
Fiona in Lancaster, Lancashire, England.

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