I Was Drowning in my Clutter

declutter kitDear FlyLady,

I’m in agreement with you 100% about the need to free ourselves from our clutter, but if we were to roll the calendar back a few months or years, I would have disagreed.  What’s made the difference?  My perspective.  I think all of us have to “reach the end of our rope” after having spent countless hours looking for what can’t be found and spending money buying duplicates of those items.  While we hear what you’ve said many times, we’re not ready to take the plunge until we admit that we’re drowning in our clutter. For some of us, it takes much longer to reach that point.

I’m just glad I came up for air before drowning and am getting to work decluttering my home in small blocks of time.  It’s amazing how we can look back over a month’s time and realize just what we’ve accomplished.

It’s so good knowing that CHAOS is loosening its grip on me.  And so is that pesky thing called perfection.  I’m definitely getting older and wiser thanks to your teaching us to FLY and to fling.

Thanks for being persistent in having us lace up our shoes and get with the program.  You’re certainly making a huge difference in our lives.

Keep flying!

FlyBaby in MS

FlyLady here; Clutter has a way to slipping in and taking over our homes. Getting rid of it one bag or one box at a time is going to keep you from drowning in clutter. BabySteps will get you there! All we ask is that you spend 15 minutes a day.

How to Declutter

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