Clutter Accumulates When we aren’t Watching

declutter kitHi FlyLady and Crew,

I am so glad that the habit we are working on this month is decluttering!  I have been a member of the FLY Family for years and I moved into my new home a few years ago – I felt sure that I would forever be clutter free, since I only moved with things I needed and loved.

However, clutter has a way of accumulating when we aren’t watching, sort of like those flimsy wire coat hangers that multiply in a dark closet…  The decluttering challenge is great for me – I am doing one drawer or shelf at a time and I have already been amazed at the clutter I have found and have been able to recycle or discard.

Thanks for keeping things simple – it genuinely helps me say, “Well, I can do THAT for 15 minutes!”

Movin’ and groovin’ in Maryland

FlyLady here; Clutter is sneaky! It come in with every bag you bring in the house. We have to stay vigilant. Each time we bring home something new we get rid of something old! Put it into the bag that you brought the new item into the house with. I watched a Born Organized person do this when she got a new pair of shoes; she would donate two pair of shoes. What a concept! Two for one!

Decluttering 15 minutes a day is all we ask! Do you have a closet full of hanger that are multiplying? Let’s toss them out!  You can do it!

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