Finally Unpacking

Office in a BagDear FlyLady,

I’ve been working the routines for a few weeks now and steadily decluttering the boxes of stuff that just never seem to get unpacked each time we move – in fact I’m sure they grow!  Some days I’ve felt really tired but I’ve mustered up the energy to get through the routine anyway and felt better for it – especially the decluttering.

Motivation to keep the decluttering going came late yesterday when a bushfire emergency was declared near us. We were not required to evacuate, but it did make me ask myself where our important documents were. We found some, but not some others.

I’ve never lost track of them before, and could blame moving when I had an 8 week old and recovering from a cesarean.  But really, the clutter I have carried from house to house, always meaning to sort it but getting disheartened when I just look at the boxes has been the problem.  I’m sure as the clutter disappears the important documents will surface, and then if we ever have to evacuate,  I’ll be able to put my hand on them all very quickly.

Thanks for your encouragement to keep moving.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia


FlyLady here: Sarah, I am so proud of you! Please take babysteps! Unpack one box a day and eventually with your consistency you will find all those important papers. Then you can put together your Office in a Bag with copies of those papers and placing the originals in your lock box. Then when you are forced to evacuate; all you have to do is grab your Red Office in a Bag along with other important things.

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