Thanks for Being a Real Friend

Keep CalmMarla,

I love you… now not in the romantic, but as a best friend. Even though I have never met you.

“You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. OK?”

Those are some of the sweetest words. I have been a flybaby for many years now. With my ADD and single motherhood, I jump in and then forget or get distracted. I know the system works, it is not you it is me… but those words, those sweet words… They allow me to remember I haven’t failed. I just took a break. This is a challenge that will take years for me. It’s not that my house is a disaster. It is my ability to set a routine and keep it going. I love all the ideas. I love the simple tasks to deep cleaning.. but most of all I love that if I “take a break” you are right there when I’m  ready and will always take me back and encourage me. I have a life of “failures” at least from where others look, but I never fail with you. I’m learning some of my stinking thinking was inherited. I’m learning to let go. My new love, dh  of 1 and a half years, loves me no matter what. He doesn’t think I’m a failure and always tells me I’m beautiful even with bed head.  You helped me believe that I was worth loving. Since I started loving myself, I allowed him to love me, and we are so happy. Again that took years, but it did happen.

I don’t have a testimonial of overnight success, but what your positive accepting attitude, with just the right amount of bossiness, will and does make my life better.

Thanks for being a real friend. I need more. The world needs more.

Suzanne Stadelmayer


FlyLady here: You did this and I am so proud of you. I give you the tools and you do the rest. All I have ever wanted for any of you is to have what I have, peace and joy everyday. You are worth loving!

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