We Didn’t Have to Close Down our Business

Dear Marla&Crew.

If you could please share this someone will benefit I know it. I started Flylady in September last year. I’m still learning, but shining my sink yay! But seriously my clutter problem along with procrastinating nearly ruined my life and our business. Was it not for my friend that introduced me to The Flylady I would have never woken up from the nightmare I was living in. I could’t sleep because our financial affairs was in such a mess we were about to lose our business.

I bought a calendar and few items from the Flyshop, and reward myself now with something every month. Well the story is my paperwork was a mess, so was my home.I  didn’t love myself and I didn’t like my home. We fell way behind with our taxes, and with 4 kids, no support structure I was crying in the bathroom many nights. I could’t sleep. But with all the emails and reading Sink Reflections I slowly lifted my head and was able to look myself in the eyes again.

First I started decluttering. Its a ongoing process guys. And I shined my sink. Then I the notes on FACE and I got a little more hope. I took courage and phoned the IRD (IRS in USA) and I cried so I could hardly speak, but I faced it, and made an arrangement to pay off our debt. And I notified our accountant I will not be needing their services anymore. The IRD was so helpful and offered to help me sort out our taxes, free of charge.

Our accountants was against us giving finances to our church and could not understand how we could still do so being in debt. But Marla taught me it will bring blessing to me to give and so it did. We don’t have to close down our business and i feel so proud to know i am not a loser, a failure, but I can even do our books babysteps at a time.

love from your Flybaby in New Zealand.


FlyLady here: I am so proud of you. You took the first baby step by coming to our site and realizing it isn’t just about cleaning your house. Thank you so much for sharing just what Finally Loving Yourself meant to you!

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