Give Yourself an Incentive

Dear FlyLady,

I have been wanting to replace the knobs on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Since February’s focus is on 15 minutes of decluttering, I am decluttering and wiping out a drawer or cabinet each evening. Then I can replace the knob for my reward for a job well done. Last week I replaced 5 of the 39 kitchen knobs and hope to do as well in the bathroom this week.

I ordered the dryer cleaner kit last week and hope it will also work on the refrigerator coils enabling me to get the rest of the accumulated dog and cat hair that I couldn’t reach with the vacuum attachment.

I love having the sneak peek on Mondays. This allows me to schedule the missions depending on my schedule for the week. I post them in the room with a FlyLady clingie and check each off as I get it done.

Between FlyLady telling me to lay out my clothes for the next day and MissusSmartyPants guiding me with style, I have found I can assemble 5-6 outfits for the week on Sunday after checking my calendar for social events and other appointments. This has also made me realize how many outfits I can mix and match already in my closet. When I get the urge to head for the department store, I declutter my closet first and usually find what I thought I needed already in there. I keep a small notebook calendar in the closet where I write down what I wear each day. I use this when I need inspiration assembling the outfits. I look at what I wore a year ago and maybe use the complete outfit or if part has been recycled mix and match with a replacement article.

Flywashed in SC

FlyLady here: We are heading into our final days of February and our new habit to learn in February is to declutter for 15 minutes a day. This FlyBaby has found a great way to reward herself for decluttering! If you don’t use it, love it or need it. Then fling it!  Don’t hold on to things!  You can find many ways to bless others with your clutter!  Don’t forget there is always stuff that simply needs to go to the trash!!! So, how can you reward yourself today?

Get your calendar before we run out!


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