Enjoying the Gifts

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for the reminder to clean out your purse.

This has been overwhelming for me for a number of years. I carry too much inside of my purse and I think I always have. I have always been afraid that I would be away from home and there would be an emergency and I would be unprepared and helpless. So for years I have been frustrated. Not fun at all. Then I read on your site to take care of your purse.

Over the years my sweet, sweet Dear Husband has bought me several beautiful Coach purses. They have sat in bags in the closet unloved. Every once in a while he would ask if I was going to change out purses for the season or just for fun. I never could. What if I didn’t have what I needed? What if it was too small? What if there was an emergency? Then he said, “Honey I promise you’ll be fine. You won’t need all of that today. Trust me I use to feel the same way.”

Today is Friday and for several Friday’s I have changed purses and ENJOYED the gifts that he has given me. DH just smiles and says he is happy that I am using them and it makes him feel good too. Thank you so very much FlyLady for your gentle nudges and helping me let go of fear and ENJOY my life.

Something as simple as a purse may not seem like a lot but today I feel free in a way that I haven’t in a very long time.

Snellville, Georgia

FlyLady here: Do not wait another day to begin using the lovely things you have received. You deserve it!

Our habit this month has been to declutter for 15 minutes a day. Do you have new things that you are saving that you could begin to use today? Take those things out right now and then declutter the old things you are replacing!!

A new habit starts tomorrow! A friend told me last week that her husband got her a brand new pair of lace up shoes for Christmas and she had been saving them. He had been asking her why she didn’t wear them. This will be fun to see if she starts getting dressed to lace up shoes first thing in the morning.

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