Company Ready in Five Minutes

Water BottlesDear FlyLady,

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a surprise visitor! My sister in law flew down to Florida from Boston and rang my doorbell! I was shocked and also flustered as my house “looked” like CHAOS – but really, I was only fifteen minutes away from company. I had pulled out a box of stuff to sort through and I had eBay items on the carpet, etc…..

I had been telling her about FlyLady and how my house looks so nice, my sink is shiny, bathrooms that practically clean themselves, so – we had a good laugh over the “mess” – I told her to get herself a cup of coffee, sit down and I would only be fifteen minutes. Stuff was put back in the box, stashed that away and I was done in FIVE minutes.

I thank you for getting me into the routines of jumping in! We are having a great visit and I’m just thrilled that my bedroom was presentable, my closet clean and organized and everything in place. You are a true gift.


PS – Later on in the car she commented about my water bottle and how unique it is! I also used the Rubba Scrubba to sweep off a winters worth of dust from the beach chairs and it worked perfectly (did I say the P word????) – I’m off to order both of those for her as HER surprise.

THANKS to all the FlyCrew! LOVE YOU


FlyLady here: This is an amazing testimonial; The feeling of not being ashamed of your home is a powerful message for you and our family!

That is the best birthday present ever!

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