Shoes Saved Me

ShoesDear FlyLady,

Brand new FlyBaby here. I just had to tell you about my first day getting dressed to shoes.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I rarely got out of my pajamas before noon, let alone got dressed to shoes. I was able to take a shower every other day or so. After I joined FlyLady, I decided that I’d make a HUGE effort to get dressed every morning (before I turned on the coffeepot, even), and I would even put on my shoes.

The first morning I did this, I knocked a glass votive cup off of the window sill in the bathroom. It shattered all over the floor. I cleaned it up right away, and it wasn’t a big deal because I already had my shoes on.

Right after that mess was cleaned up, I headed downstairs to start the washer according to your morning routine. I found a huge puddle of raw sewage where our basement floor drain had backed up. The shoes made me feel better about stepping around the mess to get the laundry going, and they also made me feel more capable of dealing with this crisis. I fished some dirty laundry out of the puddle and started my load, went back upstairs to wash my hands and call my husband. I even called the plumber myself instead of relying on my husband to take care of it. After all, I’m a FlyBaby now, and I can handle anything!

It’s amazing how quickly I get through my morning chores now that I  wear shoes. I’m less likely to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee, avoiding movement until Sesame Street is over. Instead, I use the lull in my children’s activity to make beds, do laundry, wash dishes and declutter. Later, when my children are bored, I’m able to sit down with them and play because my house is in order, dinner is already prepped, and now I have time just for them. It’s such a  blessing.

Thank you FlyLady!

FlyBaby C.


FlyLady here: Shoes empower us! Put on your shoes and shine!

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