You Proved me Wrong

Dear FlyLady,

Although I do not want to admit it, you proved me wrong on quite a few occasions so far but I now realize that it was for my own good!

I had come across your website on a few occasions, but always thought I didn’t need you as I had, what I thought, everything under control when it comes cleaning. It wasn’t spotless, but I had a place for everything and clean clothes and dishes, eventually…  Who cares there was a bit of dust on the bookshelves, I did not mind living like that, after all I was a single payroll SHE.

Then, boyfriend and his furry baby move in with me and my furry baby. Throw in all his stuff, an old house and garden that needs constant care and before you know it you get back to work on Monday morning wondering about what happened to your weekend, feeling exhausted for the rest of the week and almost wishing things were back to when it was just me and my furry baby living in the house.

While reading another flying ladies blog, I clicked on a link that directed me to your website. Thinking I might pick up a few tips, I started reading what you had to say. Quite a few times I thought to myself: that’s obvious, I already do that, nothing new.

But then I came across your swish and swipe routine… As my bathroom is my point of CHAOS I thought I would test your theory and set to work with a cloth and a timer, thinking I’d prove you wrong, that it would take much longer then a couple of minutes  And so it did, it took me 15 minutes to do just a swish and swipe, not even a proper clean!  Proved you wrong… until I looked at my bathroom cupboard and heard a voice in my head saying: “you can’t clean clutter” It was like the light went on!

The next day I set myself a 15 minutes declutter task and after did another swish and swipe routine and… It only took me 1 minute! Mirror, shelf, sink and toilet…

You’ve now gotten me so far that I even shined my sink and also have made a list of places in my house that need to be decluttered before I move on to the fly plan.

Although I am not going to copy your  exact routine, I will turn it instead into something that works for me. Hoping that soon, I get back to work on Monday morning, knowing were my weekend went 🙂

My name is E., recovering payroll SHE and proud to admit that I am now a FlyBaby!

Keep proving me wrong FlyLady! 🙂

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