Laughing At Yourself is FLYing

FlyLady CalendarDear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering with you since the beginning. I am so grateful for your site. I wanted to tell you of a funny thing that happened at my home today.

I got up this morning: made my bed, put on my lace up shoes and my put on my face. I opened my control journal and did my morning routines. GO me! Then I sat down on the couch to start my 15 minutes of rest with my morning tea. My 12 yr old (DD) came downstairs to start her morning classes in cyberschool. She snuggled up beside me on the couch. I put my arm around her and started to ask her how she slept last night, but she interrupted me.

She asked me if I had forgotten to do my before bed FlyLady reminders as she sat starring rather wide eyed at me. Before I could answer her, she burst out laughing. I have to admit it kind of hurt my feelings at first. I asked her why she was laughing so hard.

She said she knew I must have forgotten to do at least one of the reminders. I looked around the house and it was neat, so I still couldn’t understand what she was so funny. She leaned in as she inspected me a little closer and said, “Mom you forgot to blonde your hair last night. I can see the brown roots!”

By now, I was laughing too. I explained to her that my reminders are only for my everyday chores not occasional ones. Remembering the “Do it now” principle my DD got up and marked it down on the calendar for me for tonight and the follow-up in 6 weeks.

I think I will add it to my zone cleaning list also. It was a bit embarrassing but I just had to laugh at myself. Our family just loves you.

Flybaby J. with 2 toned hair,

Aliquippa, Pa


FlyLady here: Laughing at yourself and with others is so good for you. This means that you have let go of your perfectionism. I am proud of FlyBaby J. She put it on her calendar for the next day and then she marked it on her calendar for 6 weeks later. She is making plans to not forget about her personal hair care. She has even added it to her Zone cleaning check list. Imagine that! Not forgetting yourself. When it is in a zone once a month she can make sure it is on her calendar and she has her favorite hair color on hand.

Do you have a calendar that is big enough to hold you life? Don’t wait another day! They are going fast!

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