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Love YourselfHello, FlyLady!

I’ve been a FLYgirl since 2001. My aunt suggested joining the Yahoo Group, and I did. I had just moved out on my own, was now a housewife, had no idea what keeping a house meant, AND I had been suffering from years of clinical depression at that time (I have been in remission for over 7 years now). Let’s just say, everything was a mess. Your FLY principles and email reminders were so helpful! Especially on those days when getting out of bed seemed difficult. I could at least shower and go clean my sink, and over time, I was doing the whole routine.

It took me a few months, instead of the recommended 31 days, but I did it. Thirteen years later, I still follow it – it’s completely second nature, and I don’t even have to think about it anymore. There are no nagging voices and NO CLUTTER! I have a beautiful home including a home office I work from now, and I still love my FLY routine. It’s been my glue to running a household and a home business all these years.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you FlyLady, for helping a once very young housewife get it together! You have no idea how much it helped my life!


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