I Didn’t Believe You

Fly OnDear FlyLady,

I didn’t believe you. I was skeptical from the first day I logged on to your site. Keeping my sink shiny would help me get organized? Making my bed will “bless” my room? Please. I think I followed your directions just to prove you wrong!

You see, I am a single SHE with a very active (and messy!) 5 year old daughter. We have a beautiful, spacious upstairs apartment that I have not been able to share with anyone lately because of CHAOS. I have spent a lot of the last year feeling stressed out and ashamed because I can never seem to catch up. I teach middle school and have exactly ONE day (Sundays, starting at around 10 a.m.) to myself, when my daughter is with her dad. I didn’t want to spend my little free time cleaning, and before I knew, my lovely place was a pit.

One day, totally fed up, I did a search online for “getting organized”. Your site popped up, and I noticed lots of other sites mentioning you. I thought I should check it out. Like I said before, I didn’t think anything would come of it. Yet I found myself going back again and again to your site, and I realized the daily emails I get from you are the ones that I never delete.

So I followed your advice and guess what? My sink looked so good that the rest of my kitchen paled in comparison, so I had to do the counters, microwave, and stove. The floor was the next step. Tomorrow, I tackle the fridge!

I’ve also cleared out THREE huge bags of clothes I no longer wear, and I can actually see the floor of my bedroom! I sleep so much better, too, when the bed is made. On the couple of days I left it unmade, I made it just before I tucked in because it feels so nice to be wrapped tight in a cozy, clean bed!

Lastly, I got your purple rags and Rubba Scrubba yesterday. When I used the Scrubba on my faucet, it took out ages of grime and now I really see what you mean by a shiny sink! I can’t wait to do the bathrooms– how crazy is that?

Next month, I am getting your feather duster and the Rubba Sweepa to tackle even more. Thank you, for making this skeptical lady a believer! I’ll never doubt you again!

Lisa, Flybaby in Oregon


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