Getting There Bit by Bit

Dear FlyLady,

I should start out by saying that this is the 3rd time I’ve attempted to FLY. I have now been FLYing for over a week with your beginner babysteps. It’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with it, and I’m so proud of myself for getting this far.

I’d like to point out the reasons why I think it’s sunk in this time, as opposed to my previous attempts.

On my previous attempts, instead of shining my sink properly, I have just done the dishes and put them away, and wiped my sink down. This time, I did it properly – soaked it with bleach, scrubbed it with Jiff, and shined it with Windex. My husband was so impressed that he went out and bought a dishwasher so that it would be easier for us to keep the sink shining! I now realize the importance of this first step. Every day, even if I miss something, I ALWAYS shine my sink!

This time I’ve really noticed your message ‘You are not behind, just start where you are.’ On previous attempts to FLY, it all fell apart when I missed a baby step. I felt like I’d stuffed it up completely then and I couldn’t continue. This time, I’ve tried not to let perfectionism get in the way. If I’ve missed a step, that’s ok. I’ll try again tomorrow. Each day I’ve started where I am, and worked on just the baby steps for that day. It’s been kind of liberating!

I can’t wait to see what my house looks like in another month! And I’m looking forward to a more relaxed life where I don’t have to constantly worry about the state of the house and doing the mad flurry whenever we have guests!


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