Encouraging Words and Creative Solutions

Dear FlyLady,With your encouraging words to swish and swipe and keep things clean as you go, I began cleaning my bathtub after each use. When I had a smaller tub, I would put a little shampoo on my washcloth and swish and swipe the tub easily. Now I have a large soaking tub so, after each bath, I put a little shampoo on my nylon poof back scrubber and while the tub is still wet, I swish and swipe around tub with my soapy poof. I turn on the water again, rinse the poof and swish around the tub a second time with the wet poof. If there is still soap on the bottom of the tub, I do a final rinse with a cup of water. It takes about two minutes. This maintains my tub, keeping it looking clean and shiny all the time, just like you’ve taught us.

Thank you for all the encouraging words and creative solutions for keeping our homes lovely and in order!

Fluttering FlyBaby in Oregon

May God’s peace be with you!

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