It Makes Sense Now

Dear FlyLady,Yesterday I went to a picnic at a friend’s cottage on a nearby lake. She invited every woman she could think of to come to this delightful event so the diversity of women was a colorful, interesting mosaic!

I ended up going with a woman who moved to my city many years ago; I was the first person she met here! We get together a couple times a year. I drove and the ride in the car gave as time to catch up. She came to my house and we went from here.

My friend doesn’t like to drive and has no sense of direction. I’m a BO in the directions department, but I realize that without a good sense of direction, places seem far, far away! She was laughing at how easy it was to get to my house! Though she’d been here before, in her mind we lived way out in the country so she was nervous about driving over.

It occurred to me that this is what we do with FLYing: make it a bigger deal than it really is. In our minds, it’s far, far away because we stubbornly cling to our perfectionism and refuse to take a few seconds to give ourselves credit for small successes.

This is like my friend thinking that we lived way out in the boonies, yet when I gave her directions (babysteps) she said it was easy. Turn right on Culver. Turn left on Monroe. Turn right on Winton. Park in front of our house.

That’s what baby steps are: breaking our tasks into small jobs that we can do a little at a time.

That’s it! Turn here; turn there. We give ourselves a road map to get where we’re going and lo and behold!, it’s not that far away after all…ah, because babysteps are our mini-destinations.

Give yourself credit for every little thing you do and you can ride along with satisfaction until the next turn. (Your timer is your GPS.)

Thanks for all you do for us!
Flying in Rochester, NY

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