Dearest FlyLady,

I just read an email about someone who was punished as a child by doing chores, and she said she hated the word chores. LIGHTBULB!!!

Thank you for sharing that message. It made me realize I LOVE the word chores but hate cleaning the house!  I’d rather be doing something fun outside than even the smallest thing inside.  So if I look at our missions/routines as chores, I can do them and be happy!

Let me explain. My husband and I are middle aged and have moved onto a property where I help care for animals. I was always meant for this life and am grateful everyday for the “chores” I GET TO DO for all the animals!  It’s hard physical work, takes time and much effort, but I love it. If it is raining or blowing cold snow sideways, I don’t want to go out and feed and move the llama, horse, and cows and little orphan calves around and make up their various foods, throw them hay, fill up the water or chop the ice from the top of it. But I have no choice- it has to be done. And guess what? After I finish and come inside and have some hot chocolate or tea, I sit and smile because I have the dignity of knowing I accomplished something worthwhile that was hard and that I didn’t want to do.

Hard work gives us dignity and makes us proud of ourselves, but I miss out on that by procrastinating decluttering missions and not sticking to routines. If I call them chores I think of the pride and dignity these things offer and will jump in, do them quickly, then sit back and enjoy the pride of doing the things I should be doing instead of feeling the guilt that procrastinating brings.

Thank you!!
A midlife ranching FlyBaby

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