An Overdue Testimonial

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

This is my first testimonial.  It is long overdue.

I started following your system 20 years ago in 1994.  I was so overwhelmed with being a stay at home mom, I definitely needed help.  I first started with the SHE system and gradually transferred what I learned from those wonderful women to the Flylady model.   Once I started with the system things fell into place.

When life gets hard I can always tell how I am reacting to the stress by simply looking around the house.  If things are neat and clean, well, I am OK.  If things aren’t super around the house then I know I am having a problem with the stress of it all.  When I need to, I read your emails and website and once I am back on track I feel so much better.  A clean home makes a big difference in my outlook on life.

I have bipolar disorder and anxiety.  Once my children were in elementary school,  I have had a fulltime job or part time work and graduate school.   I have had times in my life when my schedule was very busy.  Now that my kids are grown, my life is much more quiet.  Although some would argue this is good, I find getting my routine done is much harder, since I have more time.  So I check my planner every day and do my chores regularly.

Your work is much appreciated.  You have made a wonderful difference in my life and I wanted to say thank you.


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