I’m on Board Now

Dear FlyLady,

This morning my Rubba Package was delivered bright and early to my door. I opened it, checked everything out, assembled the sweepa, and put them to the test. Would they be worth the money? Wow! Are they ever!

First, I washed up the breakfast dishes with the dish set. Clean as a whistle in no time! Then, I went on to the bathroom with the Swisha and the scrubber in hand. I put my swishing solution in a small pottery canister that once held my pup’s treats. Gave the toilet a swish-gleaming in seconds. Now, on to the tub. We had our tub refinished, and cleaning options are very limited in order to protect it and not void the warranty. I’ve been using those magic sponges that disintegrate and are pretty disgusting. So, I took the scrubba, gave it a little squirt of liquid soap, and went to work. Oh, my! The tub was shiny and clean in a very short time-maybe 2 minutes-and with way less effort than the magic sponges required. Gave the sink a quick rub-down, rinsed, swiped the countertop-bathroom done in less than five minutes! Now I was completely sold!

The final test was the sweepa. I only thought I had gotten everything the night before when I swept! Again, incredible cleaning in less time and less effort.

These were just the motivation I needed to finally commit to reclaiming my home! I do believe a feather duster will be in my near future! Thank you!

Missy Davis

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