FLYing Through a Foggy Haze

Good Morning FlyLady!

Boy, typing those first two words (good morning) is a really big deal, and was writing to say thank you. I’m a week old  FlyBaby, and I found your site in a dark hour of desperation.

You see, I suffer from postpartum depression, which,  for me includes insomnia (among other things). Because of this, I sometimes walk around my chaotic house in a foggy haze, not knowing what to do with myself or where to “start.”

I am under a doctor’s care, however, there’s no one to come home with me and hold my hand to help me complete even the simplest tasks, like getting dressed in the morning. Since I’ve been following your babysteps, it’s like you’re there holding my hand, and encouraging me along the way. You remind me not to beat myself up for the things I haven’t accomplished, and you praise me for small efforts that are becoming the foundation of my new routine.

Today was a really good morning for me! Thank you.

Nikki in California

FlyLady here: Depression is hard anytime and no sleep makes it worse. I have been there! Please continue to take babysteps and always remember there are FlyBabies everywhere taking those babysteps right along with you! I am so proud of you!

Depression is a hideous disease that creeps up on us. Sometimes we know what triggers it; other times we have no clue. For me it was a death in the family and a bad marriage. I could feel myself slipping away. I needed medication and some cognitive therapy.

The clutter begins to pile up when we are depressed. As the clutter gets worse so does the depression. I learned some amazing things in therapy. I needed to get up and get dressed to lace up shoes; as well as fix my hair and my face each morning. This was the beginning of me climbing out of that pit of dispair.

You can do this too. Reach up and take my hand.

Get dressed to lace up shoes.
Declutter 15 minutes a day.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that living through my depression would give me the tools to help all of you. God had a plan for my life! As He does for you. Getting rid of your clutter is going to help you find your calling! I thank God every day for the trials I have been though. They have prepared me to help you!


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