Basic Weekly Plan Frees You

Dear Friends,

Each week begins on Sunday for me, but yours can start on Saturday! It really doesn’t matter. I take a few minutes to look at my next week’s schedule. I mean minutes. It is not something I spend a lot of time on. The process is more mental than anything.  If you are using a calendar, put it in your calendar to look at next week on a day you choose. You may want to do it on your desk day, or when you do your menu planning. Just decide what day you are going to do this and Just do it.

The  Basic Weekly Plan helps us to establish a day for everything. Knowing it is Monday, tells you what you need to do. It is that simple. Once you put this in writing, you can use it as a guide. Then you can put it in your calendar.

Do you remember the Children’s song? “This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes, This is the way we wash our clothes every Monday morning.” This is a routine. Each day in the song, we do a different habit. I like to compare our Basic Weekly plan to this simple song.

This also helps in setting up appointments for yourself. I like doctor’s appointments to be on my errand day. I protect my free day with a passion. So no appointments are scheduled. In fact I block out the whole day each week. With this routine, you know what day you plan to do your shopping, pay bills, plan for next week and do your weekly home blessing.

If you have not incorporated this into your routines yet, this comes after your morning and your before bed bedtime routines have been established. I consider this a weekly schedule so I have color coded my page for this in blue. It goes in the front of my planner along with my Morning routine and Before bed routines and zones. Even though this is in the front of my Control Journal, I incorporate these things into each day of the week. On the day I sit down and work on my next weeks schedule. So there is not that much to do except to review what is coming up.

Keep in mind this is the basic plan, not set in stone. The best part is that you can change according to what is happening this week. I do it all the time. For the most part I follow my guidelines, but I can adapt to plan B without a hitch. Just because I establish a day for each item, doesn’t mean I take a whole day. Sometimes it is merely minutes. I do take a whole day for my Free day to play.

If you are a payroll FlyBaby, You may have to do some of these things in the evening or in the morning before work. I wish all of us had your ability to make every minute count in a day. If you want to take Saturday off for family or me time. It is imperative that you work these things into your week and not take away from precious weekend time.

My Basic Weekly Plan Keeps my week Organized and gives me time to play!

FlyLady Calendar
Do you have a Control Journal? What are you waiting for?

In a couple of weeks; we will stop selling our calendars. This happens every year. The 2016 Calendar will go on sale in June. I am already booking events in 2016. I know you have been trying to make do with a calendar that is too small for your family’s schedule. Stop procrastinating and make it easy on yourself.

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