Do It Later!

Dear Friends,

If you have been procrastinating waiting for someone else to do something then I want you to look at the martyr in you. Just who do you think is going to do this thing that is weighing you down? We are famous for waiting till we can’t stand things any longer, to get up and clean. We don’t have to work ourselves into a tizzy any more. All we have to do is get up and do it. It will not take long if you will set your mind and body into motion.

The hardest thing for us to do is get started. Once we do, it does not take as long as we have convinced ourselves that it was going to be. Can you see how we were allowing ourselves to live in another virtual reality; things are much harder than they really are in that altered universe. This is our way of allowing procrastination to take over our reality. It keeps us locked in clutter and CHAOS; all because we believe that things take longer than they really do.

Let’s step back into the real world where dishwashers only take four minutes to unload and your bed takes two minutes to make up. This is a fun place to live! When we quit living in the virtual reality of burdened living we find it much easier to go about our daily activities.

Just now while I was on the phone, I complete something that I have been procrastinating about; filling up my supplement container with my daily dosages of vitamins and minerals. When they are not readily available I forget to take them. When I don’t take them; I begin to feel bad. It is to my advantage to do this once a week and not think that this is going to take forever. What happens is, I remember to take them and look at my container and say I can do that later! I remember to take them because I have an alarm set to remind me daily.

Why do I set myself up for failure! I know better, but in that virtual reality that I slip in an out of, I am not a priority! What have you been putting off? I will guarantee that has to do with you. I want you to set your timer and go do what ever it is. When you get through with your procrastinated blessing send us an email to and put I DID IT in the subject line! Tell us what you did and how long it took you!  You will feel better once you get
this off your mind.

Ready set go!


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