I Was On A Roll

 Dear FlyLady,

I’m a believer. I just had to write and tell you how much I love my new  Purple Rags in a Bag!

I’m a pretty new FlyBaby, but I decided to buy the Swish and Swipe package to see if it made my dreaded chore of cleaning the bathroom a little easier to manage. I followed the directions for washing my new purple rags before using them and laid them flat to dry, but then left them spread out for several days because I got hung up on not knowing which side should be used for which kinds of projects. What if I used the “wrong” side for scrubbing and then used the “wrong” side for polishing or buffing? Well then things would never come out right!

Luckily for me, before I went too far down that road, I was reminded it was Anti-Procrastination Day. I knew I had to stop thinking about it and just use them! All I had to do was wet the rag and start wiping. I was so amazed at the results, I didn’t bother looking at which side I was using.

So I started by setting my timer and then sprinkled water on my eye glasses and then wiped them off. Wow! Do I remember them ever getting that clean with the cleaning solution and cloth provided by the eye doctor? No, I don’t think so. Ok, when I could see what I was doing, I headed in to wet and wipe the bathroom mirror. Another wow! No streaks and I think it cut right through any film that had been on the mirror.

Ok, I was on a roll. Next came the dreaded mirrored closet doors. These things are very old and always streaked. I couldn’t believe one wet purple rag and one dry purple rag could cut through all the previous streaks and could leave those doors shiny bright – but they did!. So then I quickly buzzed on to my dresser mirror and went in search of the rest of the mirrors in the house. What an amazing product!

When I went back in to the bathroom, I realized I hadn’t tried the Rubba Swisha to clean the toilet bowl. Well, it too is a great product. When the rest of the toilet got wiped down with the purple rag, a sparkling fixture was the result and I wasn’t grumpy and disgusted like usual. I felt energized

I’m pretty shy by nature, but I am so impressed I just had to write and share my gratitude. Each babystep is a giant leap for me, and your products just help pull everything together. It only makes sense that it will be much easier to face each zone and task when you know you have the right tools to not only do the job, but to do it better and faster than ever before.

Thanks FlyLady for letting me say all of this and to thank you for the great products and the simple plan to get things under control and keep them (and me) more sensible.
Big hugs to you from a FlyBaby in Albuquerque.


FlyLady here: Please don’t allow your perfectionism to get in the way of using any of the tools that you have purchased! They are great motivators!


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