Where’s The FlyLady Game

Dear FlyLady,

I had to write to you and tell you how much fun I am having today!  I’ve been a member, fluttering on and off, for about 6 years now.  This year, I decided to order myself and my mother each a feather duster.  I also saw the Rubba Scrubbas and thought I would give them a try and ordered three (one for me, one for my mother and one for my sister).  They arrived today!

I did what I’m sure every FlyBaby does and dusted everything I could find, Rubba Scrubba’d the cat (he LOVED it!) and then the couches, etc.  I was just about to put the box in the recycling when I noticed your little cartoon self in there smiling at me.  I thought, “Oh, what’s that?”  What a surprise!  There was a cling included!

Now, recently I have made a little “clean me” note that gets placed in various spots in the house as a reminder that this “area” is getting out of hand.  It mostly lands on a kitchen drawer, a cupboard, the fridge, my daughter’s bedroom door!, etc.  Cute that the item is asking me, my husband (he ignores the note), or my children to clean it.  But, it’s not much fun and is more of a chore than anything.

So, now YOU have become my little “clean me” sign, only you are much nicer and fun looking.  You are on my fridge at the moment as a reminder to tidy up the fridge.  Next, you’ll travel to the bathroom mirror I think.  It’s a traveling FlyLady in my house! I love it!  I think I’ll make a game out of it. The person who “blesses” the area with the cling gets to place it in another area of their choice for someone else to tidy.  We can play “Where’s the FlyLady now?” I can’t wait to start playing!

Thank you for making this so much fun and always encouraging us that we are not behind.  It’s okay to just jump right in!

Having fun with it in Canada,

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