Your Tools Help Me Help My Brother


Hello there FlyLady and Crew ~

I absolutely love your system (of course) and all of the items I have purchased from your FlyShop have been worth every penny, and then some when you factor in the amount of time they have saved me when cleaning my home.

Your tools have also assisted me in showing my youngest brother, who has special needs, how to use the timer. He absolutely loves it and plays with it every time he comes over (he also requested and received one of his own last year). I have even been able to show him how to feather dust with the FlyLady duster, which also helps him to stretch, which is a part of his PT, while he gets tickled with the little one, causing tasks he has to do to be fun. He also knows that when the timer goes off, we can stop doing what we’re doing and switch to something different. It makes a game out of things and he loves it. He also loves the fact that I have a timer on each floor of my home, so that regardless of where he is, he has something to play with!

Thanks FlyLady and Crew, you’ve helped make my house a home!

FlyBaby K


FlyLady here: Oh, purple puddles. This is a wonderful sister who helps her special needs brother..and it means a lot that the FlyLady tools are helping him, too!!!




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