The Small Dent has New Meaning

Dear FlyLady, 

I can not say enough wonderful things about the stainless steel water bottle!

The opening for ice is perfect. This is one strong bottle.

I had my arms full, bottle included, and saw one of my four legged patients.

I work for a vet and the water bottle is great because it does not sweat. I leaned over to greet my four legged friend and dropped everything in my arms. The bottle survived this adventure with one very tiny dent at the impact spot.

This small dent has taken on new meaning for me. When I see the dent I am reminded that anything can be done in small babysteps.

It shows me that FLyBabies are strong and can face any challenge that is thrown (or dropped) at us!

Thank you,
Fluttering in the Bluegrass state,


FlyLady here: Rebekah has flung her perfectionism and can find joy in a small dent!

Our stainless steel water bottle is tough and durable. This is a great tool for you to keep at your side so you stay hydrated. I keep colored hair ties on my to help keep up with how many bottles I have drunk today.

Just think, you buy this water bottle and use it over and over again. No more plastic water bottles in the landfills!
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