Blessing My Sons and Me

Dear FlyLady,

My sons and I love your stainless steel water bottles! I bought two a month ago, and gave one to my college-age son. He is doing manual labor this summer, and packs a lunch every day that sits in the car in the summer heat. The bottle is perfect to put in his lunch box, because it stays cold all day with a few ice cubes, and it doesn’t sweat and make everything in the lunch box wet.

He was amazed the first time he used it and didn’t finish the water from the day before. There was still ice in it the next morning! I use mine daily, carrying it back and forth between work and home, and keeping it on my desk or on the kitchen counter. Cold water all the time!

My younger son saw them and wanted one, so I just placed an order for two more. One for him, and one just to have, in case someone else needs one, or maybe I’ll leave one in my car. I love how slim they are, how they don’t leak or sweat, how you can take the whole top off to have a wide mouth for filling, and how! you can personalize them with the colored cords.

Thanks for another great product!

moveclutterTimer $10.00
12 oz Water Bottle $10.00
Declutter Kit $15.95
Calendar $15.49

FlyLady here: I love my water bottle because I am drinking more water than ever before. A nurse told me the other day that “Where the water goes the salt goes and where the salt goes the water goes!” Since I have been drinking my water my fingers are not as puffy.

We all eat way too much salt. In our book Body Clutter, we wrote that you only need the salt from one little pickle a day.

Drink your water!

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