What A Beautiful Sound


Dear FlyLady,

Several weeks ago I purchased the Clog-Cannon it arrived. I was so excited as we have a bathroom sink that has been clogged since we bought the property 7 years ago. I must mention that the house was built in 1836 and has cast iron pipes that everything runs into before going to the street and on to the public sewage.
My fear was with the big cast iron pipe. My DH has used both plunger and snake with ok  results but the drain still runs slooowly. I showed it to my DH thinking he would be as excited as I and get right to it. I was wrong, it sat on the kitchen counter for days. Every few days I would mention the Clog-Cannon and he would agree that the sink needed help, but at the end of the day it would be in the same spot.

This morning while we were having breakfast I asked if he would just do 2 things for me this weekend and the bathroom sink was one. Sure he said. When you are in the shower I will take care of it.

In the shower I went and I could hear him at the sink and all of a sudden heard that beautiful sound that the Clog-Cannon makes and it was running free.  Off he went. I got out of the shower and tried the sink. I ran the water and the water now swirls as it goes down the way it was meant to. I am so happy.  Thank you for this wonderful tool.

Learning to FLY in CT

FlyLady here: We don’t have to wait for our guys to use the Clog Cannon. We suggest that that you put a bucket under the trap. If here is an over-flow to cover it with your hand or duct tape. There could be a splash so please use safety glasses. I like to put a towel over my hand while I pull the trigger.

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