Anxious 3 Year Old Excited about Sweepa

Dear FlyLady, 

Two thank yous from one order! Thank you as always. What everyone says is so true, my recent order on your site arrived faster than I expected. And I am already so pleased to have my very own water bottle finally! I’ve wanted one for ages. My husband took one look the night before last and commented that it was “just like the one I had”. I already knew it would not be!

Yesterday was Day 1 for me and my water bottle and it lived up to the expectations and even kind of exceeded them. My morning supply of ice held up ALL day in Florida! Most of the day it was on my desk and my office is cold but still. I love, love, love that there is no condensation sweating to worry about, no wasted paper towels catching the drips like my former stainless steel water bottle. I do agree with the others who have asked for a larger water bottle. But, knowing I would want to be able to refill it a few times today, I still used my former water bottle to bring extra filtered water from home since I don’t like the tap water at work. I know now that my ice won’t melt until much later today.

I lost count of how many times exactly I refilled the water bottle yesterday but I did so until all of the ice had melted and I was left with an empty water bottle which was in the evening last night. Even though I have always drank a lot of water, I am sure I upped my quantity yesterday using this method. Today have filled it three times already and it’s around lunchtime.

In my order I also got the Rubba Sweepa. My 3 year old caught sight of hubby putting it together for me and could barely wait to get his hands on it. He’s very into cleaning lately. I convinced him to bring it to our bathroom where I was dying to use it to clean up the floor. He quickly pulled up floor mats and moved things aside in order to get sweeping with it. He’s a natural, don’t know how long this will last, it might be a phase. But we both exchanged “EWWWs” as we saw all the hair and dust that the Sweepa had gathered up off our floor for us. The floor could still use a mopping but at least it’s better than it was and more ready for when time permits.

Thank you very, very much from yet another pleased Flybaby who is grateful for your high standards of providing great products.


Flybaby Christine

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