I Was Proved Wrong

Dear FlyLady,

I recently purchased the  swish and swipe package. Now, I had bought a set of miracle rags in a bag, so I knew they would work. The  rubba swisha now is a different story. I thought to myself for about two years, ” how in the world is rubba going to clean a toilet?? This isn’t going to work!!”Well this morning I tested it and once again just like with my miracle rags, I was proved wrong. My 11 year old DD was sick and decided to decorate my bathroom by throwing up in it. So you can just imagine the present she left there for me to clean. I put in some left over drops of detergent because afterall, soap is soap. I swished and swiped and in 15 minutes my toilet bowl and everything was so clean I could eat off it. (Of course that would just be nasty).

My advice to any skeptic, you know that if you go and spend 5 dollars in a store getting a regular toilet brush, it will have the same effect as the last one you had. Don’t think about it too much and just go for it. Buy the  rubba swisha. I guarantee you will not regret it. It even reaches in parts where a normal brush cannot.

Thank you FlyLady for these amazing products.
Flybaby in NM

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