I Was Determined to Prove You Wrong

Dear FlyLady, 

I was a skeptic.  I heard all of the stories and testimonials about this incredible water bottle that didn’t sweat and kept water cold all day and then some.  I didn’t believe any of them. So just to prove you wrong, I ordered it.

I said to myself that there is no water bottle that good because I bought them all.  Well, I received my water bottle a couple of weeks ago.  It is wonderful!!! Yes… you proved me wrong. I’ve carried it with ice and water all day for several days.  My water was cold and still had ice in the bottle into the night – and sometimes overnight!!!

As a result of this fantastic product… I have placed another order so that my husband and daughters can each have one.  Thanks to the handy colored carrying straps, we won’t be fighting over each others’ bottles.  I’ll be saying goodbye to all of my old bottles – and the space that they’ve been cluttering!!

Thank you Flylady!

Leslie in Edison, NJ

FlyLady here; I am so proud of you for getting rid of your old bottles. This is such a good habit to get into. When you bring home something new; get rid of something old, to make room for the new.
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