I’ve Been Procrastinating

Dear FlyLady, 

I’ve been procrastinating on purchasing a water bottle for years.  not sure why. i know from the testimonials, this is exactly what i need for my car, travel, totebags, etc.  so now i’m putting together an order for several tools, and thought i’d share a new “reason” to purchase a water bottle, rather than a new use.
i’ve always kept a glass of water on my nightstand because i have to take synthroid in the morning. i like to take it as soon as i wake up, because you  have to wait at least 30 – 60 minutes before you can even have coffee – and i like coffee as soon as i get up.  so, this has worked good for me. i usually wake up  too early, take my med with a full glass of water and go back to sleep.
well, recently, i adopted a sweet 2 year old cat from the rescue. he is adorable and the picture of curiosity and cats. . so one morning, i woke up to a crash.  there he was, standing on my nightstand, glass turned over, and water  everywhere. so i picked him up and told him he’s not allowed on the nightstand ( like that would help), and cleaned up the mess.  i thought maybe he learned, because nothing happened for the next couple days.  then i woke up one morning to find him standing on my nightstand – with his head in my glass, drinking my water.  now, i love this kitty, but – eeeewwwwwwww  lol
so, i’ve tried different ways to keep a glass handy, but it’s just not working. and it’s important to drink a full glass with the med, and a good thing to do in the morning anyway.  so, i will be getting a water bottle for my nightstand.  i’m sure it will be useful for all the other reasons as well ( like, not “sweating” in my car or totebag ) . and he won’t be able to drink from my glass during the day either.   ( and yes, he has own bowl of fresh water, but apparently likes drinking from my glasses, lolol )
thanks for your great products and sharings.
flybaby in MA
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