Helping My Old Cat, Lucy

Dear FlyLady,

My very old cat, Lucy, is no longer able to clean her fur like she used to. And she didn’t like the cat brush I had to help her. However, after reading about one lady using the Rubba Scrubba for her cats, I tried it on Lucy.She loves it. She purred and rolled so I could get all her fur. I removed enough old fur to make a kitten. Her coat looks shiny and healthy once again. Lucy and I both thank you for such a simple and versatile tool.

FlyBaby and FlyKitty in AL

FlyLady here: This simple little tool has been used on bald heads, pot-bellied pigs, and every breed of dog. They are also essential for removing their hair from your furniture.

Dear Friends,

You all have fallen in love with our original Purple Rags. We listened to your pleas for other colored rags; we got silver and bronze. Then many of you wanted us to put together a package with all three colors of the rags in them.

$35.85 Sold separately
$29.95 Package Deal

I can already see the wheels turning in your head for Christmas this year. Putting together a sample pack of our great rags for your friends and family.

Thank you for all your love and support!


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