September Habit #22 I Pushed Myself


Dear FlyLady,

My Before Bed Routine consists of:

1. Make sure the sink is empty and shiny.
2. Set the coffee maker for the morning.
3. PUPA things from the living room. It is refreshing to get up in the morning and walk into a neat room.
4. Put my clothes and shoes for the next day in the laundry room – right next to our bathroom.
5. Toss clothes in washer to start while I am getting dressed in the morning.
6. Look over my calendar for the next day.
7. Brush and floss.
8. Wash face and moisturize.
9. Get into bed 30 minutes earlier than I would normally have turned in.
10. Jot down in my journal at least 5 blessings I experienced during the day.

FlyLady I was terrible about brushing and flossing my teeth at the end of the day because I pushed myself until the very limits of my energy. None of this is an admission I am proud to make. Now I feel so much better about my commitment to dental hygiene to say nothing of my emotional hygiene. It is funny I had just been to the dentist. We will see how this new habit, thanks to you, changes my dental check up in 6 months.

With appreciation,

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you everyone who tests & brings us such great products.

I am reordering the purple rags as one package isn’t enough! I no longer dread wiping down baseboards! One damp rag is all it takes. The rags also work great on removing my dogs’ wet breath marks on my living room windows, as they watch the birds at the feeder! I do not have to worry about any chemical residue.

I have to reorder the duster, as my pup enjoyed taking mine apart Saturday morning. I found a tell tale purple feather on the floor and cried “oh, no!” It had served me well for a number of years so I do not regret purchasing another, which thankfully you have back in the shop.

Thank you too for helping me change my attitude about cleaning. My dh was diagnosed with a serious illness two years ago. I am committed to keeping the house clean and orderly to help keep him as healthy as I can.


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