September Habit #24 It Was On My Launch Pad


Dear FlyLady,

I have been procrastinating about doing my before bed routine, or so I thought.  I adapted your routine and added the swish and swipe to the BBR. I knew I was brushing my teeth but didn’t know I was doing the rest of the stuff, until last night and this morning.

Last night we went to a wedding reception and did not know until we got there that I had put on my work badge.  It was on my launch pad so I automatically put it on.  LOL!

I got up this morning with the same dread as every other morning of what I would have to face.  A mountain of dishes to wash, a dirty bathroom and clutter every where.  When I got into the bathroom it was shining! When I got to the Kitchen there were no dishes except what needed put away and the sink was shining.  I looked around and realized there were no hot spots that needed to be taken care of.

I have been  FLYWASHED!

FlyBaby C

Dear FlyLady,

Back in June, after realizing that I’m not drinking enough water, I ordered your stainless water bottle and LOVE it. I’ve always had a hard time drinking a good amount of water-I don’t enjoy the taste, etc. For some reason, I think not being able to see how much water is in the bottle is a benefit. I just seem to drink it down and not think about it-yay!

My sons (6 & 8) were BEGGING me for one of their own. They were taking turns, alternating days even though they have a lot of their own sports bottles. Meanwhile, I had to wait for MY turn 🙂 I was contemplating getting bottles for them, but didn’t want it to be another item where the novelty wears off quickly. Then one day, I was talking to my good friend who lives down the street. She was saying that she was looking for a new calendar because the calendar company she used for several years went out of business. Bingo! I could place an order for the water bottles and the calendar and we could split the shipping cost! She loves your calendar, I think she’s hooked!

Unbelievably, my sons have used their water bottles EVERY day since we got them! My third grader takes it to school each day and doesn’t have messy condensation on his desk.

Fast-forward to almost 2 weeks ago, my dh decided to give up soda (on his own, no nagging from me). He was drinking A LOT of soda (four to five 20 oz. bottles) every day for many, many years. It was caffeine-free, but clearly NOT great for his body. I offered for him to take my water bottle to the office, so he would have it on hand when he wanted something to drink. He was using it for a few days (again I was missing my bottle, but so so proud of him for drinking water), so I asked if I should order one for him. He replied “no, it’s too small, I have to go refill it a lot” I told him what you said to a caller on one of your radio shows-“getting up from your desk and walking to fill up your bottle is a good thing.” I ordered him a water bottle anyway. Thankfully, he’s still soda-free and uses his new water bottle every day!

I put the water bottles in the dishwasher each night. I had an issue with some oxidation spots on the outside of the bottles. I emailed the FLY Shop and Kathy replied with great suggestions that worked like a charm. I had some Barkeeper’s Friend on hand and the spots came right off.

Thank you for offering GREAT products in the FLY shop that we can really USE!

-FlybabyJen in PA

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