FlyLady System Modified For Me

Keep Calm and FLYHello FlyLady,

I believe I am finally FLYing. I have been reading many testimonials and modified some BabySteps and routines to work for my wonderful schedule.

In August my work schedule changed from 5 eight-hour-shifts to 4 ten-hour shifts. It has been a bumpy road to adjust, but I’m getting there. Since I am at home on Fridays and my DH is working, it gives me a day alone at home.

On my Fridays off, I always have a list of things that need to be done. I work all day and finish as many tasks as I can. What I can’t get done has to wait until next Friday.

When I was working 5 eight-hour-shifts, I was able to do a load of laundry a day. Since the 4 ten-hour-shifts, it has been challenging to do a load of laundry a day. It is only the two of us so there really is not that much laundry build up.

So on Fridays, I start my laundry and set my timer for 15 minutes at a time and work on something and then when the timer goes off, I restart my laundry and start something else. If I am not done with current project, I do another 15 minutes. Using the timer, I am not stuck on one project all day and get nothing else done.

There are times I think I should be doing something or getting something done and then I realize it is done and taken care of.

The evening/before bed routine has made the wonderful of difference. I only have a couple of things on my list to do but it makes the world of difference for the week.

My Mother is the one who told me about you a few years back. I have been on and off over the period of time. The last 6 months roughly I have been continuing to try to take flight and FLY….. Especially during the last couple of months I have been really FLYing. When Mother visits, she always mentions how nice my house looks.

Plus, you really need to hear this one. I put several of your FLY items on my wish list. Mother got me the Rags in the Bag and got a set for herself. She used them on her windows and could not believe how wonderfully the rag did its job and how nice her windows looked. She really enjoys sitting and watching the birds at the feeder. Now she has a clear view.

Thank you FlyLady and Crew for providing wonderful items to assist us in blessing our home and lives. There are not enough words to express what you have done for my life and home.

If I could reach, I would be giving you and all of your crew a huge hug and a big thank you. I have been fighting depression over the last year and you have helped me work through this and continue to bless myself and my family. {purple puddles} My Mother and Father-in-law depend on me and my DH for so many things.

Thank you! Thank you for your assistance to finally FLY!

FlyBaby in Ohio


FlyLady here: It is my great joy to be able to help you!

It is so important that you take the FlyLady system and adapt it to fit your life and your schedule. Instead of thinking why it doesn’t work for like this FlyBaby and adapt it to your needs.

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